Wayne’s 4×2 – Queen & Slim, Either Light and More

Has this self-isolation situation forced you to entertain yourself at home? Are you re-watching old movies online? Are you out of entertainment ideas? 

If that’s the case then our man Wayne Massingham, with his ear to the ground, is here to help…

4 reviews of 2 minutes each… It’s Wayne’s 4×2 giving us reviews of books, bands, art, TV series, and movies, for the listener looking for inspiration..

Film: Queen & Slim (In cinemas) — This new American drama is the perfect combination of romantic and crime movie. Directed by Melina Matsoukas, this 132 minutes long film explores the black experience in America and features great dialogue.

Music: You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere by The Districts — This recently released 4th album by the Pennsylvania band, The Districts, is filled with sparkling and shiny indie rock worth listening to.

TV: On My Block (Netflix) — The comedy-drama series just released their 3rd season last week on Netflix. This funny and touching story follows a quartet of bright, street-savvy friends who are navigating their way through high school in South Central Los Angeles.

Music: Either Light by Vundabar –is another indie rock album from the Boston band, Vundabar. This new released album is filled with up-beat music and is the most complex released by the band as yet.


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