Wayne’s 4×2 – Silvertounge, The Good Place and More

Need a fresh movie hit? Looking for some new series to binge? How about a gig guide from someone who has seen them all?

Well our man with his ear to the ground of all things entertainment is Wayne Massingham and he’s here to help…

He’s here with another round of insightfully short reviews of books, bands, shows, art, concerts, TV series, and movies.

4 reviews – 2 minutes each…It’s Wayne’s 4 x 2.

Featured in this episode:

Music: Jay Som – Jay Som is a ‘dream-pop’ band fronted by Californian singer Melina Mae Duterte. Their recently concluded Australian tour was a highlight of Wayne’s week, and comes highly recommended. Listen to their latest album on Spotify, here.

TV: The Good Place on Netflix – This highly praised philosophical comedy recently concluded its four season run. It follows Eleanor Shellstrop, a morally imperfect person accidentally sent to the heavenly “Good Place” after her untimely demise. Catch this hilarious and twisting tale in its entirety on Netflix.

Album: Silver Tongue by Torres: The latest album from singer-songwriter Mackenzie Scott is another powerful showcase of her ethereal voice. The self published album is available to stream on Spotify now.

Film: Richard Jewell in Cinemas – The latest film from Academy Award Winner Clint Eastwood tells the true story of a complicated would-be hero turned pariah by media slander and misreporting. The film is finishing up a run in cinemas, so catch it soon – or pick it up when it hits Digital and Blu-Ray later in the year.


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