We All Scream For Screamfeeder

Not many bands are left from the 90’s explosion of Aussie alternative rock, but one group who are still kickin’ is the almighty Screamfeeder.
With a career of over 30 years, comes their eighth record FIVE ROOMS. A hugely vibrant and spirited release that shows no sign of a band slowing down.
The grungy aesthetic might not fit much anymore for a band who have been holding it together throughout numerous trends in music, so with their longevity comes the strength of being able to create sounds that fits a broad spectrum of alternative rock complete with elements of power-pop, indie shoegaze and punk, which showcases the bands adept aptitude of how to keep things fresh and original.
During some time overseas taking in some recreational activities, vocalist and guitarist Tim Steward took some time out to have a chat to The Band Next Door on 2SER about how the band keeps things interesting and their song-writing dynamic after decades of playing together.

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