Anthony braved exploding headphones and two whole days to bring you the latest you’ve missed from the weekend.

After some panicky moves from Malcolm Turnbull on Friday afternoon, sparking talk of instability in the government, with the latest Ipsos poll from Sunday being no comfort. Tony Abbott also raised concerns on Twitter, mentioning Malcolm Turnbull in tweets about current emissions policies. Malcolm Turnbull’s Twitter, on the other hand, went on acting as though all was in order. If the end is near for Turnbull, what will be his legacy. Perhaps the image of the top hat emoji can stand as his flagship.

Meanwhile in America, Kevin Spacy has just launcehd his new film Billionaire Boy’s Club, which having opened in 10 cinemas sold around 13 tickets, setting a record for the lowest opening day in American Cinema.

New Zealand’s minister for Women, Julie Anne Genter, member of the Greens, also reached Anthony’s ears, after she rode her bike to hospital to give birth at 42 weeks pregnant.

The Swans won against Greater Western Sydney, and that’s the Weekend.

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