Weekend Warrior w/ Anthony Dockrill

Anthony’s back to take you over the weekend gone by, starting with the shockwaves from the Labor win in Victoria. It took only an hour and a half after polls closed before there were confident calls of Labor’s victory. This all came after Liberal scare campaigns failed to win over voters with messages of immigration trouble, probably leaving Scott Morrison wanting to sleep in and forget that his own election is looming. Meanwhile, Australian right-wing press blamed any target they could for this loss, from Sky blaming ‘Turnbull liberals’ to Alan Jones blaming the opposition leader neglecting to appear on his show. Anthony’s favourite claim was Miranda Devine claiming that Matthew Guy should have gone harder against the ‘safe schools’ campaign, as clearly hating more on the LGBTQI community was the missing card in the Liberal’s plan.

Another government story that barely made headlines due to strategically inconvenient timing was the Federal Government announcing that national debt has reached $354 Billion, just a few years after Tony Abbott declared that $175 Billion was a ‘budget emergency’.

In sport, the Australian women’s cricket team won their finals against England, and that was the weekend.

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