Weekend Warrior w/ Anthony Dockrill April 1st 2019

In the leadup to the federal budget, Anthony’s had his head in the headlines to make sure you know what to keep your eye on in the upcoming week.

First up is Josh Frydenberg announcing a rise to New Start, then apologising on behalf of Anthony Dockrill for this terrible April Fool’s joke.

What actually happened was money given to single and couples but excluding New Start. Is New Start the domestic equivalent of Boat People?

Eddie MacGuire also made headlines for making fun of the woman who did the cointoss at his club’s weekend game; paying no mind to the woman’s incredible story. From Sexism to Racism to Ableism, Eddie doesn’t have many tabboos left to cross.

And in sport that Anthony is willing to talk about, the AFLW had its’ Grand Final over the weekend, marking a milestone for the women’s league with 53,000 people attending.

Geoff Harvey, the iconic Australian composer, passed away over the weekend at the age of 83, so it might be time to crack open some of his iconic soundtracks to round out your weekend.

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