Weekend Warrior w/ Bootleg Anthony Dockrill January 21st 2019

The real Anthony Dockrill, surprisingly, didn’t file a cease and desist after we brought out our Bootleg copy last week, so Felix is back for Weekend Warrior.

Washington DC was busy over the weekend, with the press shocked on Friday by reports from Buzzfeed News that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen had lied to congress regarding plans for a Trump Tower in Moscow. Redoubling this shock was the dispute made by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team over this story, marking the first time the investigative team has openly disputed claims from the press during the investigation.

Also in Washington DC, the Indigenous People’s March on Saturday made headlines after a video of a group of teenagers from a Kentucky High School confronting the protesters were circulated on social media. The teenagers had been attending the 45th annual ‘March for Life’ rally, which protests the legality of abortion, initially in response to the famous Roe vs. Wade case.

Another march made headlines around the world over the weekend, with people around the world taking to the streets for the annual ‘Women’s Wave’ March, two years after its first installment set records with its attendance of upwards of 5 million internationally. This comes just after student Aiia Maasarwe was killed in Victoria on Thursday last week.

Liberal Politician, Minister for Jobs and Women, Kelly O’Dwyer also announced her resignation from the party, in order to spend more time with her family. With O’Dwyer’s departure, Victoria now has no female Liberal MPs.

In Sport, could the Australian Open come to a surprise ending with big-shots like Federer being eliminated? Alex Barty leads Australia’s hopes in the Women’s Singles, as the tournament enters its Quarter Finals.

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