Weekend Warrior w/ Bootleg Anthony Dockrill March 4th 2019

Did you know the term ‘Bootleg’ comes from criminals hiding contraband in their enormous pirate-looking boots back in the hey-day of sailing? Bootleg Anthony Dockrill knows these things, as well as what happened over the weekend.

This weekend, Space X launched “Dragon” the first US-Built made-for-humans spacecraft to dock with the ISS since Space Shuttle Atlantis last flew in 2011. Back home in Sydney, the Mardi Gras parade attracted 12000 paricipants and 200 floats, including some surprise celebrity appearances. The State government also announced they were ‘fast-tracking’ plans for the Sydney Metro, one of the latest pre-election announcements before polls open on the 23rd of March.

In sport, Australia’s Matildas toppled Korea in the inaugural Cup of Nations in Brisbane, highlighting some of the best in sports Australia has to offer.

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