Weekend Warrior with Anthony Dockrill

Our Weekend Warrior Anthony Dockrill joins us once again to bring you all the stories you might have missed over the last two days.

Fairfax Media has published a graphic story on live sheep exports out of Australia. The article features leaked footage of the crew onboard the ship ‘Awassi Express’ disposing of disintegrating sheep carcasses into the ocean. The footage has sparked outrage from animal rights groups across the country. Despite this, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says that live export cannot be phased out due to its high economic value.

Controversy has once again arisen from the Trump administration. Conflicting statements as to how much the President pays his lawyers has lead to the initial statement of a $130,000 paycheck being named a ‘rumour’. Trump has also been advised by his lawyers to ignore a subpoena to appear in Robert Mueller’s special council should he receive one.

Finally, NASA has launched the robotic explorer ‘Insight’, which is enroute to Mars. The robot has been programmed to examine earthquakes occuring on the red planet, and conduct experiments on the surface to discover exactly what Mars is made of.

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