Weekend Warrior with Anthony Dockrill

Did you ‘forget’ to check-up on the news this weekend? Press #snooze a few too many times? Well our Weekend Warrior, Anthony Dockrill is here to help you out!

First up, energy minister Josh Frydenberg and prime minister Malcolm Turnbull are in a bit of a pickle. The $444 million dollars they donated to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation last week has turned skeptical heads, instead of admiring ones. For the small foundation the donation was a lottery win, but critics are asking hard questions. So is this just a sign of clumsy politics, or is it something more?

Some bittersweet news has hit our Swans fans over the weekend. While the Swans led a nail-biting victory against the Melbourne Demons, star player, Alex Johnson has injured his knee (his good knee at that) and things aren’t looking too good.

And finally, things are steaming up over at NASA. The agency have just launched an exciting new programme that will send a probe within 6 million kilometres from the sun. For the project to be successful, NASA will be creating the fastest flying man-made object – ever

Tess spoke with Anthony to find out more.