Weekly Feed: Filipino Food

Talking with Alison from B-Kyu all about Filipino food! We haven’t heard too much of Filipino food, but in recent years it is growing in popularity and with it, some amazing eateries are popping up. It consists of a lot of pork – crispy pork, fried pork, steamed pork. But fear not if you’re vegetarian, there are still some lovely veggie based dishes as well, but meat is the real hero here.

So where do you go for Filipino food in Sydney? Eateries are quite widespread across Sydney, from Chatswood, to Kogarah, Bankstown and Blacktown. But we’re loving Phanlasangphionoy in Kogarah. It looks like a grocery store, with a bain marie of love displaying deliciousness. It’s a great example of home-style FIlipino cooking. Head there on the weekends for a $15 ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet – where they encourage heading back for more and more.

Try the deep fried pig’s knuckle, or for a bit more daring cultural culinary experience, try the Dinguan, pork stewed in pigs blood. Sounds gross, but it is absolutely delicious. Based on Chinese and Spanish cooking, it is a lot warmer with a little less of a spicy kick.

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