The Weekly Feed: Chinese Noodles for the Lunar New Year

It’s Lunar New Year which means delicious traditions like longevity noodles and noodle toss are celebrated across Sydney. Alison Byrne joins the Weekly Feed to talk all things Chinese noodles.

There are two new noodle joints that Alison is particularly excited about, which follow Sydney’s new trend of celebrating regional-specific Chinese cuisine.

Noodle Pot on Ultimo Rad specialises in Shanghai soup and Jiangsu-style dishes.

Here, the noodles and broth are light but delicious. Alison recommends the duck noodles and baked duck, but she also loves the chopped pork ball noodle soup (which she describes as like a pork rissole in a gravy broth).

The other new restaurant on Alison’s radar is Duoway Chinese Noodle Hub which specialises in big, fat wheat noodles coated in chili oil with fresh greens. Here you can find light and delicious sesame paste noodles with shredded cucumber and carrot.

Visit Alison’s blog B-kyu for more food explorations.

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