Weekly Feed: the schnitzel slippery slope

It’s a staple of Aussie pubs, clubs and even your local chip shop (if it’s a good one) it’s the humble Schnitzel. But as we careen our way into a crazy world where things like the Mexican schnitty exist, served up slathered in guacamole and sour cream — have we gone too far?

Debating one of the most contentious issues of our times, Nic Healey faces off with Sydney food writer Tristan Lutze. Nic is in the blue corner, advocating for traditional (food) values, meaning no-mayo, no-sauce and definitely no guacamole or sour cream. In the red corner, Tristan supports the liberal application of corn chips, ham, panco, mayo and every other ingredient under the sun. Have we gone too far, or should we embrace this brave new world of schnitty anarchy?



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