Weekly Wrap with Geoff Field

What’s been happening this week? We sit down and go through the week gone by.

In local news, on Monday the Berejiklian government announced there will be free registration for people who drive to work and pay tolls of $25 a week. This saw backlash from Labor, since it encourages money to go towards tolls and not people. In sports news, Mitchell Pearce was released from the Roosters, with speculation he’ll go to Manly Eagles.

Nationally, there have been calls from the start of the week for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to use the $20 000 not used on plebiscite towards LGBTQIA mental health. There’s been no response as yet. Jimmy Barnes says Malcolm Young is the best rhythm guitarist in Australian history (though Malcolm Turnbull couldn’t name one song from the band). On Wednesday, Victoria legalise euthanasia. Here in NSW it went down by one vote last week. Plus more sad news on Manus Island. On Thursday PNG police moved in, trying to get people out while destroying property. Only a dozen or so people are removed.

Overseas on Monday, Robert Mugabe says he will not resign after being put under house arrest. He then goes on to resign on Wednesday.

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