Weekly Wrap with Geoff Field

We’ve got the entire week’s worth of news with Geoff Field

On Monday, we arrived at work to Labor and crossbenchers asking for an explanation of this travel expenses, this all went quiet after bigger things were revealed throughout the week. 71 people were tragically killed in a Russian plane crash, Kevin Rudd lashed out at our PM over his China Policy and a woman was ejected from a P&O cruise in Sydney Harbour for glassing a male passenger.

Tuesday brought more Barnaby Joyce highlights, this time it has come to light that back in 2015 he was accused of pinching women’s bottoms in drunken behaviour. Cyclone Gita hits the island of Samoa, and Australia won its first Winter olympics medal – Matt Graham took home the silver for mens moguls.


On Wednesday, we had a judge calling for Julian Assange to show some courage and front up to court, which would lead to his arrest. Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy now for 5 years. The man behind the Happy Cup Cafe shooting in Bankstown has been arrested, Oxfam in the UK have been accused of sexual misconduct in Haiti, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is accused of receiving lavish gifts as forms of bribes, and the South African president Jacob Zuma resigns.


There was another mass shooting in Florida on Thursday, leaving 17 children dead. Donald Trump has said he is going to make reform the top priority, but will this see a reduction in guns or changes to mental health laws? The AC isn’t working on Sydney trains and some commuters are roasting with 48 degree temps. NSW says it will pull out the Murray Darling Basin, as they want the water to be evenly distributed to all farmer and not just cotton farmers.

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