The Weekly Wrap with Geoff Field

Geoff Field joins Nic to cover all the big stories of week that was.

First up this week, Michael McCormack is elected as the new leader of the national party, thereby becoming the new Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. This occurred while Malcolm Turnbull was continuing his visit to Washington, including a meeting with US President Donald Trump. In local news on Monday, the new trams at Randwick are being tested – but things aren’t necessarily on track. And the National Rifle Association has rejected any calls for change. And it was a wet one in Canberra, heavy rain lead to flash flooding in our nation’s capital.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump claimed he would have ‘run’ into the Florida school unarmed to tackle the shooter. University hazing rituals were exposed in a ‘Red Zone’ report. Liberal MP Matthew Mason-Cox launched an attack on his government’s decision to build sporting stadiums at a cost of $2.5 billion, before “the welfare of the most vulnerable children and families in our community” is addressed.

Wednesday saw the Government re-introduce drug testing measures for welfare recipients to the Senate. Woolworths has been accused of ‘spying’ on poker machine users in an effort to boost profits. Tributes rolled in for former Bulldogs footballer Steve Folkes who died of a heart attack, aged 59. Police have issued a warning about a man lurking in bushes near a popular running track in Lilyfield. And there is a new report highlighting the widening pay gap in bonuses for CEOs compared to those for workers.

And on Thursday, Julie Bishop has said that she is not obliged to disclose $32,000 in tax-payer funded travel expenses for her boyfriend because he is not her “spouse” or de facto partner. More than half of adult Australians have abandoned their dreams to own a home in the current financial climate. And students have returned to the scene of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Image by Forest Run / Shutterstock.

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