Weekly Wrap with Geoff Field

Close to home this week, Liberals fear that One Nation could control a hung parliament in NSW, as they’re currently polling at 8% primary. NSW residents have been urged to get the flu vaccine ahead of winter, after last year’s record breaking rates of the illness. Sports Minister Stuart Ayres doubles down on stadium rebuild, saying “we can chew gum and walk at the same time.” A new report came out on efficiency on railway stations in developed nations. Taking out top spot was Grand Central Station in NYC, which carries millions every year. Sydney Central Station came at bottom of the list…

In other Australian news, Monday saw the mopping up continue after more floods in Northern QLD.  A new report shows that Australia ranked as one of top countries for extinct mammals, with 29 species gone since colonisation. MP Tim Wilson tied the knot with his partner Ryan Bolger (who he proposed to in parliament). Luke Foley called for a cap on migrants on Tuesday after the 7:30 report. He says Sydney and NSW are full.  A new report shows millennials are suffering quarter life crises, since employment is often not guaranteed, so they’re instead working casual jobs and most will never own a house. Former Melbourne Mayor Robert Doyle was proven to have harassed female colleagues at events after imbibing lots of red wine. Thursday raised fears that homelessness will increase when people are moved on for the Gold Coast Commonwealth games.

Overseas, Monday China abolished their presidential term limits, so the leader can rule indefinitely. On Tuesday, 49 people were killed in a plane crash in Kathmandu. The plane approached airport in wrong direction. Wednesday saw more drama in the White House when Rex Tillerson was fired by Donald Trump via Twitter. On Thursday, tributes poured in after death of physicist Stephen Hawking. The UK expelled 23 russian diplomats, though Russia denied any involvement with poisoning earlier in the week.

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