Weekly Wrap with Geoff Field

Geoff talks to Nic about the top headlines this week. The biggest headline of the week was North Korea’s nuclear missiles strikes. But the drama doesn’t stop there, as Geoff and Nic discuss Donald Trump’s spoof video, Pope Francis’ ousting of conservative Vatican priest Cardina Mueller, NSW mid-north coast drum lines, the AirAsia bird strike, the G20 in Hamburg, Westconnex leaks, and tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios. This week Luke Foley gave 2SER an exclusive, confirming a leak to his office claiming there will be an 82% rise in electricity bills for the city rail. In other news, Julia Gillard commented on Donald Trump’s mental health, several North Sydney train stations are set to close down for seven months, and Clive Palmer is apparently suffering (very convenient) “memory loss” during Queensland Nickel litigation proceedings.

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