Weight Lifting

This week on Across The Park, we start by finding out Gaby is missing her phone and therefore missing the start of the show, so Mick and Joel do their best to start without her, then we start by discussing Mick’s new show The Tuck Shop, what happens when rain cancels your social sport, Gaby magically joins the show (and we aren’t actually sure if it’s her), we find out how drunk Gab is, when you should call an emergency meeting, why Gaby’s Nan called the Fire Fighters, Joel’s return to cricket for a day, we sum up Keeping Up With The Kardashians, cricket returns, how great Australian female athletes are, Novak Djokovic’s choke hold, a new segment, Chad Townsend sends Kalyn Ponga straight to the ground, Tigers big come from behind, Melbourne’s huge win percentage over souths, how unlucky the Bulldogs are, GWS’s chances of making the finals, and we play a game!

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