Well Crikey, Turns Out Crocodiles Used To Walked on Two Legs!

Imagine this. Giant crocodiles with two legs once roamed freely across the earth in what is now South Korea. It’s an image so compelling, so frightening that even Steve Irwin would say Crikey! Researchers in South Korea studying fossilised footprints and tracks have discovered that crocodiles once upon a time, that is 120 million years ago, walked bipedally, much like dinosaurs. 

Dr. Anthony Romilio, a Palaeontologist and Independent Researcher of Fossilised Footprints from the University of Queensland joined The Daily to tell us more about these terrifying findings.

For more details you can read Dr. Anthony Romilio’s article in The Conversation.

Photo: A reconstruction of the ancient landscape of South Korea with crocodile track-makers (credit: Dr Anthony Romilio).

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