Wendy Sharpe’s latest exhibition: ‘SPELLBOUND’

Over the last four decades, Wendy Sharpe has held over 70 solo exhibitions and won numerous awards. One of her most notable achievements was in 1996, when she became the first woman to win the Archibald Prize with a self-portrait — a moment that will forever be remembered in the art world. 

‘Spellbound’, features various artistic elements in a unique format at the Art Gallery of NSW. The exhibition includes a dynamic live mural where the public is invited to drop in and meet the artist. You can watch Wendy contribute to the mural every Friday (except the 12th of July) between 10 am and 2 pm until August 9th.

When chatting to Danny on 2SER Breakfast, Wendy described the exhibition as “One big artwork”.

She says, “It’s hard to describe… It’s a journey through creativity, magic, and imagination.

“The walls are painted with a grey wash. Things are hung high, things are hung low, and some things are upside down! It is quite an unusual hang.”

Notably, Sharpe utilises recreational elements of her Sydney studio, such as her red velvet couch, bits of cardboard, and even bubble wrap, to transform this exhibition into a glimpse of her artistic psyche. 

Don’t miss the award-winning, Australian artist Wendy Sharpe and her two-part exhibition ‘Spellbound‘, at the Art Gallery of NSW on display until 11th August 2024 



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