What about our workers in the construction industry?

For the first time since lockdown hit New South Wales, construction was announced to be put on pause for a minimum of two weeks. That is unless your field of work is of an essential need for the community. 

Although many other work of fields has been affected by the lockdown, the Australian Construction Industry is known to reflect a higher rate of people dying of suicide than employees in other industries. 

Mates in Construction is a charity that put emphasis on that suicide is everyone’s business. Not only has MATES received acknowledgement for their best practise by World Health Organisation Global but continues to prove that when we support one and another we can achieve more. 

This afternoon were are joined by Chief Executive Officer in New South Wales at Mates in Construction, Brad Parker.

Are you in need of support or know someone that is? Then you can check out mates.org.au or call on their helpline which is available 24/7 at 1300 642 111.


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