What do we do with all our e-waste?

Think about all the electrical devices in your home. Your phone, kettle, computer, washing machine… the list goes on. It’s estimated that each household in Australia has 350 kilos of electrical material, and we chuck out 35 kilos of the stuff per person per year. And the worst part? Australia only recycles 10% of our e-waste. So what do we do with all those cables and devices? In a special collaboration with Think: Sustainability, we delve deep into the e-waste problem to try and find some solutions.

Spyro – Manager, Mobile Muster
Ashleigh Morris- Researcher, University of New South Wales
Damien Giurco – Professor in Resource Futures, University of Technology Sydney
Dr Neil Gordon – Lecturer in Computer Science, University of Hull, England
Benjamin Gaulon – Media artist and Associate Professor, New School Parsons Paris
Erin Lewis Fitzgerald – Founder and Managing Director of Bright Sparks

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