What is Going Wrong on Mount Everest?

You’ve probably seen the photo of people lining up to reach the summit of Mount Everest somewhere on your Twitter feed.

Mount Everest tourism is a serious business, but multiple tourism companies competing with one another is over-crowding the mountain with climbers and making the activity much more dangerous.

The death toll has in the past few weeks has already climbed to 11, making this one of the deadliest climbing seasons on record so far.

To discuss what is going wrong on Everest, The Daily‘s Julia Carr-Catzel was joined by Dr David Savage, senior lecturer of business at Newcastle University.

You can find Dr Savage’s writing on the subject at The Conversation and his book, co-authored with Benno TorglerThe times they are a changin’: The effect of institutional change on cooperative behaviour at 26,000 feet over sixty years.


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