What The Deuce?

With a band name like that, they’d make good tennis partners wouldn’t they?
Oh, I’m referring to Melbourne indie-pop outfit Deuce.
What was a romantic partnership between the main brain duo of Kayleigh and Curtis extended into the creative realm during the initial lockdown stretch of 2020, and the isolation of that period in time was reflected on their self-titled 2021 debut long-player which even though was predominantly a jangle guitar based record, inherently captured the stark and minimal sound of a bedroom that was supplemented through an electronic drum kit and sparsely arranged synths.

With plenty of time to get to grips with their songwriting dynamic, Deuce jumped at the chance to get a few more bodies into the room and flesh out the bare bones sound of their first record with their second full-length album Wild Type. Embracing the fresh open air has brought in a couple of new elements this time around with the group finally being able to realize the sound that they had in their head originally, with even some older songs now finding their feet.
Perhaps it unintentionally started as a melancholic project, however Deuce is now a dreamy wonder of easy going enthusiasm – the light at the end of a long and winding Covid tunnel.

Curtis and Kayleigh of the band took some time out to have a chat with Cameron on The Band Next Door about flexing a musical muscle instead of visual, finding extra members to bring their vision to life and the life lessons that underlie this album.

Wild Type by Deuce is out now through Dinosaur City Records.

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