What will Claudia Sheinbaum’s Presidency Spell for Mexico’s Future

Mexico has just elected the first female President in the history of North America; Claudia Sheinbaum is a physicist with a doctorate in energy engineering and the former Mayor of Mexico City.

She won a landslide, holding 60% of the votes, the highest-ever winning margin in Democratic Mexico’s history. Amidst a population that is steeped in Catholic tradition and patriarchal views, it is a true feat that the first female president is also Jewish.

Despite the good news, this election was the most violent in the nation’s history; 38 candidates were killed. There‚Äôs no shortage of problems facing the country. Systemic corruption, poverty and gang and gender violence have been deeply embedded in the country for some time.

Wednesday Daily host Nelson Scott is joined by Luis Gomez Romero, Senior Lecturer in Human Rights, Constitutional Law and Legal Theory, University of Wollongong and former practising lawyer in Mexico, to talk about Claudia Sheinbaum and the state of Mexico.

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