Why Feeling Lost Is The Greatest Blessing

Ever had that pipeline dream you thought was impossible? The type of career that people warn you against, because it’s considered too competitive and unstable.

Perhaps you’ve even thought about breaking your neck– just so you could call in sick the next day..

Or maybe you’re just lost, and feel the path forward is murky and unclear.

Well, you’d be surprised to know there are actually a lot of successful people experiencing the same confusion, anxiety and self-doubt.

Jenny Guo, created a podcast called The Unemployed Graduate, to address that almost universal fear of being employed but still feeling lost and unsatisfied! Each episode explores the lives of people who are in industries most would deem “unattainable”. She tracks their journey from safe and secure corporate careers, to a more uncertain world that doesn’t offer the same stability– but satiates their deepest passions. Through their failures and fears, Jenny unearths the stories that will compel you to deviate from the norm, and leave your worries right at the door.

Kristina chats to Jenny about why feeling lost is actually the greatest blessing, what the common denominator between successful people is, and the harrowing story that changed her perspective forever…

You can find her on Instagram @theunemployedgraduate_ or  visit her website at www.theunemployedgraduate.com.au .




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