Wide Open Air Exchange

A program for lifelong learners seeking to expand their general knowledge, the Wide Open Air Exchange is a place to meet people with fascinating vocations, interesting expertise and special interests.

Hosted by Christine Gallagher.

Broadcasting on 2SER on Mondays at 6.30pm AEST and Saturdays at 10.30am and available to subscribe by podcast.

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Marketing academic Dr Sonika Singh

Dr Sonika Singh shares insights about the kinds of research and projects she works on as an academic specialising in digital marketing and data analysis.  Sonika is a Marketing lecturer and Marketing Post Graduate Program Director at the UTS Business School. She has a PhD in Management Science from the University of Texas and an MBA from SIMS Pune. Read More

Darren Fittler Part Two

Darren Fittler on his community service philosophy, advocacy at the United Nations, his turn to stand up comedy, and his positive attitude to emerging AI technology.  Read More

Charities and social sector lawyer Darren Fittler

Darren Fittler is a senior lawyer who runs a Charities and Social Sector practice. Darren is a person who is blind and he explains the difference between the social model of disability as distinct from the medical model. Darren shares his vocational story and life philosophy.  Read More