Will value based healthcare solve the status quo?

It seems as though every second week we hear a story about how unsustainable our health system is – there are rising costs of medication, rising costs associated with an aging population and of people living longer with chronic conditions.

According to a growing number of researchers, the solution isn’t to throw more money at the problem, but to focus more on patients.

It’s a system called ‘value based care’, and stick with us because it does take a bit to wrap your head around.

Value based care is about providing the best quality care that is evidence based and results in a patient getting better.

It also focuses on the population rather than individual, and looks at where money is best spent. The idea is spending on healthcare can be better controlled.

Jake Morcom spoke to Patricia Davidson about the role of nurses in this system. Patricia is the Dean of the School of Nursing at Johns Hopkins University.

Image: GotCredit on Flickr.

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