Can you work it, is it worth it?

So much of modern life is about what you do. Where you work. Your career path. Being faced with the age-old icebreaker “so what do you do?” is the reason why so many people dread going to parties and family gatherings. At the same time as performing, we also feel the pressure to feel fulfilled and passionate about our work.

So naturally, we spend too much time thinking about what others do too.

Wilamina Russo is an ex-corporate warrior, having conquered the ranks of high-powered companies, one ‘People and Culture’ department at a time. Suffice to say, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to talking about work. But even Wilamina admits to feeling somewhat uncomfortable when faced with the inevitable ‘what do you do?‘. So she started a podcast to help herself and so many others make sense of how we fit our work around our lives. It’s not always going to be your passion. But the sooner we realise that, she argues, the happier we’ll be.

An incredibly accomplished woman, Wilamina has made her work work for her. She still freelances with career-coaching, HR, writing and consulting, but has also published a book, written for high profile publications, and now is the host of a brand new podcast called ‘Work It Baby!’.

She swung by the studio to talk about the modern landscape of work, but also serve her witty brand of philosophical insight with Bryce Mills for Monday Drive.

You can find her work here, and here.

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