World Bee Day 2022

World Bee Day is celebrated on May 20th every year. This celebration began in 2018 and this is the fifth observance of this day. It acknowledges the importance of bees in our ecosystem and it also raises awareness on the significance of bees and other pollinators for our survival. 

The theme of World Bee Day this year is “Bee engaged: Celebrating the diversity of bees and beekeeping systems”. The United Nations set this theme for 2022 to emphasize the importance of the wide variety of bee species and the threats of protection when it comes to bees and other pollinators and even beekeepers. Another key area for awareness is the bee-keeping systems as well as the importance of bee-derived products. 

Fun Fact! World Bee Day is celebrated on the 20th of May because the pioneer of beekeeping, Anton Janša, was born on this day in 1734 in Slovenia. 

To tell us more, Jarred was joined by Sue Carney, Vice President of the Amateur Beekeepers Australia. 

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