Yothu Yindi and the Treaty Project

Treaty. It’s a song that is synonymous with Yothu Yindi and has gone on to be selected by APRA as one of the top 30 songs of all time, but the song itself has an interesting history. The version that you probably remember is not the original one. The song, co-written by Paul Kelly, Yothu Yindi members as well a Peter Garrett was remixed by a Filthy Lucre and that is the version that charted both here and in the US and helped to make Yothu Yindi a household name.

As part of the 25th anniversary of the remix, Yothu Yindi and the Treaty Project is performing in a huge gig tonight at the Enmore Theatre along with the Herd and Baker Boy.

We chatted with one of the members of Filthy Lucre, Gavin Campbell. 

Catch Yothu Yindi and the Treaty Project at the Enmore tonight, 12 Jan. There’s still tickets available from here

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