#YouCanTalk empowers communication about mental health

Every year, approximately one in every five Australians will experience a mental illness; and tragically, suicide still claims far too many lives each year, particularly amongst younger people. So what can we all do as members of the community to talked to love ones who might be struggling? How can we all reduce the stigma surrounding mental health?  And what can professionals in media and the Arts do to make sure they’re depicting mental health and suicide stories responsibly?

A new campaign launched last week at Parliament House is encouraging us to be the “eyes and ears” for loved ones who are struggling. #YouCanTalk is backed by several mental health agencies including  not-for-profit Everymind. Everymind’s Director Jaelea Skehan joined Tess to discuss the importance of safe communication and listening in addressing this health issue. Find out more by browsing these great #YouCanTalk resources online.

And if you or someone you know needs urgent support, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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