Yours, Mine & Femme! Ep. 2 – Egg Freezing, the new work perk?

On this week’s episode of Yours, Mine & Femme, we’re talking about freezing your eggs! It’s no secret that a women’s fertility declines after the age of 30, which causes many women to consider freezing their eggs. With egg freezing costing in the thousands, this option is out of reach for many women. Could making egg freezing a work benefit , allow reproductive healthcare more accessible? Drive Presenter Beth Tracey spoke To Molly Johnston, researcher from Monash University  who did a study on this very topic.

Could egg freezing as a work perk become the new norm in Australia? Take a listen and find out!

Yours, Mine & Femme is a segment where we put a spotlight on women’s stories, voices and issue, that sometimes slip through the cracks. To make sure you don’t miss an episode follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @YMF_2SER

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