Zoombombing and Virtual Hijacking

Whilst most stock markets are plummeting, there seems to be one company that is soaring… Zoom. With up to 200 million daily users, Zoom has become the number one platform for video and teleconferencing calls. However, there have been concerns over the site’s privacy, as some people have been able to hijack other’s video calls, a practice known as ‘zoombombing’.

There have been reported cases whereby uninvited participants have hijacked calls and shared pornographic material in classroom settings. Another case in the UK saw a zoom synagogue service hijacked by racist users who posted anti-Semitic and hate speech to the congregation. Raising much concern about user’s privacy.

Since these reports, Zoom has announced it is freezing all new features development and shifting its focus on security measures for the platform. They also stated that as of the 5th April, password protection and waiting rooms will become the default setting for meetings to try and combat the issue.

The Daily spoke with Dr Harry Melkonian, an associate professor of Macquarie Law School, specialising in freedom of speech, privacy, defamation and injurious falsehood, to discuss these concerns.

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