2 Boys in Saris Spice Up Sydney

‘Dinner and a Show’ is a timeless concept. But 2 Boys in Saris, a multi-talented Sydney duo, are spicing up the format for all. The two boys, otherwise affectionately known as aunties, have been performing and feeding crowds all across Sydney, having hosted events held by the Museum of Contemporary Art, partnered with the Inner West Council, and set up a sassy street stall in Parramatta to name a few.

In 2018, the two launched their flagship tongue and cheek event ‘Biriyani and Babes’, where they gave a platform to some of the vibrant creatives from Sydney’s South Asian community to dance, sing, entertain in what the aunties can only describe as tamasha, the Hindustani word for general hullabaloo, or disturbance, usually accompanied by excitement. Their goal is to raise awareness of and celebrate LGBTQ+ identities from backgrounds that lack the support of their communities.

The 2 Boys stopped by 2SER to talk to Drive’s Sidd Sharma about their dreams, their vision and their sass.

You can find their events on their facebook page. Also do yourself the big favour of following them on instagram – whether it be their moving poetry or their cariacatured photo shoots, they spread colour and joy without fail.


Image via 2Boys

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