2ser 40th Birthday: Eleanor Hall

“There’s that gutsiness of youth that I think tends to disappear as you get older, but being at 2SER gives you the capacity to build on that and also there’s a sense of a team..there’s a sense that you’re working together to put a program to air that will please an audience. It’s a terrific privilege.”

Eleanor Hall was the youngest person ever to be awarded Harkness Fellowship. She has travelled around the world to develop her career in journalism. Her work with the ABC delivers national and international news and analysis to radio and online audiences. She has produced scripts for the documentary Chile Hasta and won the Brazilian and Cuban film festival awards. She has also freelanced for National Public Radio in the United States and had a pretty crazy story about her time in Washington. 

Eleanor spoke to Jess Klajman about her time at 2SER – the welcoming community of volunteers, filing stories from Central America and getting into the White House with a press pass and saying “I’m with 2SER”.

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