Absolution by Murder by Peter Tremayne Part Two

We discuss chapters 8-12 of Absolution by Murder, the first novel in the dark-ages mystery extravaganza that is the Sister Fidelma series by Peter Tremayne. Now neck deep in the interrogation section, the bodies are mounting, and Sister Fidelma finds herself increasingly pitted against the norms of Northumbira. Will she and Eadulf find the truth before Oswy’s kingdom comes undone?
We also speak with Joanne Burn about her latest novel ‘The Hemlock Cure‘, and its reimagining of the true story of Eyam, a village that locked itself away from the world to stem the tide of the Black Plague in the 1660s. Thank you to Pegasus Books for the review copy of the novel.
Check out Part One and Part Three here!

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