Are loyalty programs being loyal with your data?

How many loyalty programs do you think you’re signed up to? According to a survey by CHOICE 90% of Australians have signed up to at least one loyalty program. There’s a good chance you’ve used one of these programs during the boxing day sales or even your weekly food shop. But while we reap the rewards of special deals, have you actually ever read the terms and conditions about how your data is being used? 

Well, almost a quarter of us have never read a privacy policy at all. 

Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group CHOICE is concerned that the data collected can be used for ‘manipulative marketing practices and personalised pricing’ well beyond our expectations. They are calling for government reform so we have greater control of our own data.

CHOICE consumer data advocate Kate Bower joined Marlene Even on 2ser Breakfast.



To make a submission to the Privacy Act Review you can visit the Attorney General Department’s website: 

Submissions close on the 10th January 2022. CHOICE recommends a blog post by Digital Rights Watch for tips on how to write a policy submission.

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