Aussie Veterans and Declining Mental Health

This story may be triggering for some so if this story raises anything for you you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Headspace on 1800 650 890.

Recent findings show that Male veterans under 30 had a suicide rate more than twice the national average for men the same age.

For many Australian soldiers who have fought on the front lines defending Australian borders – when they return home to their loved ones many soldiers are left with internal trauma and mental health issues that can be difficult to recover from and overcome. Ongoing prevalent issues around depression, anxiety PTSD and agoraphobia are common – whilst long term services have proven to be inadequate… 

This morning we will be joined by Nicole Sadler, Associate Professor and Head of Policy and Practice at Phoenix Australia’s Centre For Post Traumatic Health to talk more about how the support that veterans need to better overcome mental health struggles as well as why a royal commission into veteran suicide is necessary.

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