Benjamin Stevenson on ‘Everyone in my Family has Killed Someone’

You know by now that we absolutely loved Benjamin Stevenson’s phenomenal 2022 metafictional mystery, ‘Everyone in my Family has Killed Someone’. Ben was out on tour while we were covering the book, but now that he’s back, we sat down to talk about all the juicy details of the book’s creation. Be warned, this conversation features full, unrestrained spoilers after the first two questions. Hear about the reasons he included many of the more harrowing and sincere moments of the story, the things that inspired the book, and how Ben views the novel’s place in the genre. We also have a chat about the reception of the novel and the early shape of the recently-announced sequel ‘Everyone on this Train is a Suspect’. Importantly, our lawyers told us to insist that the baseball bats Ben mentions were purely cosmetic.

Check out Part One, Part Two, and Part Three of our discussion of the book here!

Thank you to Penguin Australia for providing copies of ‘Everyone in my Family has Killed Someone’.

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