The Macarons That Make You Say Things Like “Oh My God” After Your First Bite

Carlos Heng was in Malaysia when I emailed him to ask if I could come and visit Mak Mak to try his award-winning macarons but that didn’t stop me from making this episode happen (largely because I am very available). On a particularly rainy day, I made my way to his delightful little shop and was greeted by both lovely smiling faces and mountains of macarons! What more could you possibly want?


After winning the most prestigious macaron-related award that this city has to offer, Mak Mak has gone from strength to strength. As well as boasting an incredible quality of flavours, they host macaron making classes so that regular folks like you and I can attempt to scratch the surface of the art that is performed inside the Mak Mak kitchens each day.


Carlos and his macarons have absolutely cemented themselves as one of the all time great Tummy Treasures and I cannot implore you enough to give them a try.


If you’ve missed an episode of Tummy Treasures or are curious to see if more have been released since this one (highly likely) then you can see them all here! And you can follow along with the Tummy Treasures journey on Instagram where we are really hitting a solid stride in terms of graphic design considering the team is made up solely of myself and I have no graphic design experience.

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