On Tapas The World: Sydney’s Best Spanish Restaurant

Like everybody who has recently been overseas, I will not shut up about my holiday. I will jump at any excuse to talk about the places I visited, the things that I saw, and especially the food that I ate. And that is why this week, we are taking a dive into the deep ocean of tapas.

While I was in Spain earlier in the year, I was eating in tapas bars almost every night a week. And in that time, I tried plenty of variations of “classic” Spanish dishes. Things like patatas bravas, gambas al ajillo, and bocadillos, were becoming so familiar to my taste buds that they were on a first name basis! And that is why you can trust me when I say that Alegrias Spanish Tapas in Rozelle is providing food just as good as what you will get in Spain. And the beauty of it is that you don’t need to get a 23 hour flight to visit!

Not only is the menu that they have set out filled to the brim with recipes you would regularly be served in almost any Spanish city, but the space in the restaurant itself is genuinely beautiful! Huge windows line the walls looking out onto a very nice street, the bar is lit up with colourful lights, and right in the centre of the whole building is a specially built dance floor. Why? Because every Friday night Alegrias hosts two separate flamenco shows for you to enjoy while you eat!

If tapas isn’t for you then Sebastian, manager of the restaurant, says you don’t need to worry! Alegrias is also whipping up pork, fish, paella (made the proper way, “empecemos de cero”), as well as some very exciting Spanish desserts.

Maybe it’s because I miss being in Spain, but I can say with full confidence I will be going back to Alegrias incredibly soon. And I don’t mean to be rude, but you’d be a fool for not joining me.


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