Call to Ban Bromadiolone Poison After Galah Deaths

Last month experts warned that the mouse plague in Western New South Wales could spread to Sydney due to the mice seeking warmer temperatures and more food as the winter months arrive.

As Sydneysiders sought for support to prepare for the predicted spread, New South Wales Government allowed farmers to use outlawed poison and gave access to free baiting and grain treatment to households and businesses as part of a $50 million package.

However, following the NSW Environmental Protection Authority confirming the cause of death of the bird species Galah to be mouse poison, bird experts are hoping to prevent the Governments request to distribute yet another deadly dose of toxins.

Joined by BirdLife Australia Urban Birds Program Manager, Holly Parsons, The Daily Show discuss what impact this potential release of toxin will have on our wildlife.

Want to sign the petition to prevent the NSW Government’s usage of Bromadiolone, click here.

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