The Daily :: 9:00am 9th Jun 2021


Matthew E. White   Genuine Hesitation

Ruby Gilbert   No Vacancy

Liz Phair   The Game

Peter Black   Incident at Rozelle

Fruit Bats   Eagles Below Us

Louise Terra   Nature Calling

Sons of Kemet   To Never Forget The Source

Monnone Alone   Feel it Disappearing

Tamar Aphek   Drive

Deep Sea Diver   People Come People Go

Hemi Hemingway   It's So Hard to Say Goodbye


Flyying Colours   White Knuckles

Liz Phair   Hey Lou

River Dreams   Handwritten Heart

Virginia Wing   St. Francis Fountain

Dro Carey   Hemisphere

Bob Evans   Luxury Car

The Blast Off Girls   You've Been Messin'

Cool Sounds   South of France

Fig   At the Sign of Connie & Charlie's

Rosali   Whisper

Sophia Kennedy   Chestnut Avenue


Mildlife   Rare Air

Liz Phair   Lonely Street

Buffet Lunch   Bladderwrack

Ngaiire   Closer

Xiu Xiu   Rumpus Room (feat. Liars)

Martha Marlow   Medicine Man

Aaron Frazer   Done Lyin'

Anatomy Class   Welcome to the Ages

Imperial Broads   Unromantic

Sufjan Stevens   Death Star


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