Blackstone Fell by Martin Edwards – Part One

We discuss Martin Edwards‘ latest novel, ‘Blackstone Fell‘, from chapters 1-11. Firebrand journalist Nell Fagan is in the small Yorkshire town of Blackstone Fell, investigating the death of Ursula Murray, after her son, Vernon, alerted Nell to potential foul play. Nell suspects there is something more going on in the town, and returns to London to blackmail Jacob Flint into arranging an audience with the reclusive Rachel Savernake. For our final game of the year, Flex is charged with solving the growing string of murders, and the suspicious demise of Nell herself.

We’re also joined by British Crime Fiction royalty, Felix Francis, to talk about his latest novel ‘Hands Down‘, the latest Dick Francis’ Sid Halley story. As a member of what he calls ‘the greatest crime fiction factory (family) of the 20th century’, Felix has dined with all the greats. We talk about how his ageless Sid Halley compares to Nell Fagan, and his journey from physics student to author.

Thanks to DMCPR and Simon & Schuster AU for providing copies of ‘Hands Down’.

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