Blackstone Fell by Martin Edwards – Part Three

We discuss Martin Edwards‘ latest novel, ‘Blackstone Fell‘, from chapters 24-33. Our final full-length discussion of the year, Martin Edwards continues in his quest to provide perpetual energy to the planet by rotating S.S. Van Dine in his grave. The body count continues to rise as one Harold Lejeune is found at the foot of the leap, followed shortly by the murder-suicide of the Royle family. With all the surviving key players assembled, Rachel unleashes her ruthless plan to reveal the machinations behind the town’s turbulent recent months, and the powerful emotional core behind it all.

We are also, once again, joined by Martin Edwards himself, to talk about the inner workings of Blackstone Fell, from the story’s conception, to the complex challenges of the mystery, and the inadvertent thesis that ties it all together.

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