Butter Boy Is The Name Of The Baker, I Think You Mean Butter Boy’s COOKIE

This is well and truly as niche as we have ever gone on Tummy Treasures but if that is what it takes to get the attention of the masses these days (it’s not) then I will only continue down this path (I will).

Butter Boy is a cookie company that does exactly what they promise to: make good cookies. In fact, they don’t just make GOOD cookies. They make the BEST cookies in all of Sydney. Maybe even the world, but that’s outside of my food scope.

Right on the famous Manly Corso (why is it called that?) Butter Boy bakes up hundreds of big, delicious, gooey cookies each and every day! And if you want to follow in the footsteps of great food reviewers like myself then, by all means, flock there yourself as well.

And with so many cookie flavours staring at you through their glass case, begging to be eaten, choosing just one can be difficult. And while this reviewer would always argue in favour of trying everything, I/he understands that is not always possible. And so, might I suggest the chocolate miso flavour? Lucy, head baker at Butter Boy, suggested it to moi as one of her favourites and wow, what a great recommendation it turned out to be. So won’t you join in this cookie recommending relay and take the baton?

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