Chats with Carmon- debut EP “Burnout”

Carmon, is a talented Sydney-based indie folk-pop artist who has been on fire, releasing a total of five singles in 2023. Her latest tracks, “Burnout,” dropped on October 10th, to coincide with Mental Health Day and she just had her debut EP show last week. And get this – she’s been juggling all of this while studying at JMC, performing at various live shows, and maintaining a vibrant social life as a young 21 year old.

“Burnout”, her latest single is emotionally charged, inspired from her own personal experiences of feeling overwhelmed, Carmon shares her vulnerable side on living and creating as a neurodivergent artist.

If you haven’t already fallen under the spell of her mesmerising voice and introspective storytelling, get ready to be charmed. Because right here, right now, you can hear from Carmon herself as we delve deeper into Carmon’s action-packed music journey so far.

Check out Carmon’s latest single, “Burnout”¬† here!

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