Chatswood (Where Everybody Knows Your Name)

If the old nursery rhyme is to be believed, one can only hope that the first little piggy ended up in a market as lively, friendly, and delicious as the ones in Chatswood. Because having been there myself and spoken to a lot of the stall holders, I can tell you that they are about as good as a food market can get!

The number of stalls that skewers Victoria Avenue (opposite the station) is a triumph in itself. Getting that many people coordinated and in the right spot is no mean feat, but whoever is organising this thing is doing it four times a week! Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the stalls pop up ready to deliver some of the best- and most authentic- food you can get around here.

And as always, when I say “authentic” I mean it! These stall owners aren’t just strangers off the street, they are professional cooks making their own traditional foods! Foods that they love to share. Luckily, there is no shortage of customers eager to try them.

People flock to these markets each and every week, after work, on their days off, or even on their lunch breaks! That was the case for Fae, at least, somebody I spoke to while she ate her Greek gyro and sipped on a cane juice- two of her go to choices. As a Chatswood Market regular, Fae’s big piece of advice was simple, “come on an empty stomach and be ready to try everything”. That’s a message I can get behind.

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